Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Free Spira International Boat Plans Info

I have been getting a lot of questions about Spira International boat plans.Jeff Spira is a great guy to work with.He will even design a boat for you IF you are serious about buying a set of plans.I am only familiar with the plans I have.If you want to see more boats and builds,it is seriously worth it to join Spira's Facebook Page. You can also connect with other builders and speak to Jeff there.He is usually quick to respond,but he does have a life outside of facebook.There is also a lot of good and FREE info on the Spira International website.Read and re read the PDF manuals he produces on boat building.These are free,UTILIZE THEM.Then get a set of plans and build that boat you always wanted.


  1. This looks interesting -- can we get photos and commentary from some people who have successfully built these Spira boats? Thanks!

    1. Spira has a facebook page that he updates regularly with builds.He also keeps the website updated too.There are a few builds on the wooden boat forums.